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14 Responses to Contact Us

  1. latha michael says:

    I am extremely thankful for the scriptures for the children tooo good.


  2. Holley Kiser says:

    please pray for my 5 year old son wyatt who is having a hard time with accepting his new step dad and baby brother. also pray for my 1 week old. I just have fears of losing them and I know that this is just lies from the enemy. My infant is at such a tender scary age and my 5 year old is having some rebellion/anger issues. Both of which can be prayed over and resolved by God’s grace


  3. Mary says:

    please pray for my son Drew who is rebelling against his parents and his sister


  4. Wendy says:

    If you would please pray for my son Roman. He is 21, in the Army and very rebellious against God right now.


  5. Toni Ford says:

    Thank you for sharing this site. It is golden. And also for the offer to pray for my child, Tony Snipes. I would like you to come into agreement with me in prayer for him. He is 11 years old soon to be 12 in September and a rising 7th grader. Thank you.
    T. Ford-Snipes


  6. Angela Mercado says:

    Just finished praying and anointing my sons, myself and my husband. My boys Raphael 19 and David 17 are both in college please pray that they will not be distracted , they seek the Lord and their life be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit . Removed ungodly friend and make right choices, and be giant in sharing the Gospel in the name of Jesus Amen
    Angela Mercado


    • Angela,
      We are praying with you and in agreement for you boys! God’s plans for your boys are for peace and not evil, to give them a future and a hope! (Jeremiah 29:11)
      God’s blessings over your family!



  7. Barbara Read says:

    Please pray in agreement with me for my children and grandchildren that they are our inheritance- And they BELONG to the LORD JESUS CHRIST psalm 127: 3


  8. Jen says:

    Would like prayers for our 3 daughters to believe in Jesus for them to accept him and repent of their sins. EmaLee is 25 and was baptized several yrs ago doesn’t go too church. Heide is 23 and doesn’t believe at all and gets upset with me when I text her on it. Mattie is 19 with 2 children 2 1/2 and 1 yrs old she says she believes in God but doesn’t go to church because its boring she told me with a question mark I never said I didn’t believe in God. My husband hadn’t gone to church in 20 yrs and of the first sun in nov 2016 has come to church with me! ive been praying for witnesses to come into our daughter’s lives for them to hear His word and believe and receive Jesus. have been praying scriptures and asking God to draw them near to Him and for God to open their minds to see. thank you for praying for our children! our daughter heide, will be a tough one but, i know God hears my prayers as He brought my husband back to church! this site is a blessing thank you


  9. Dianna Myers says:

    Prayer request for my son, Sean.
    He is in a hospital and has been diagnosed with Bipolar severe,and post tramatic stress disorder,and is tormented with anxiety.
    He is going to be getting help through rehab, for drinking and drug addiction.
    I would like prayer that he would be completely healed and set free from all this and that, he would come into rest in God.


  10. Sandi Cummings says:

    Thank you so much for sharing all of this information with us. I would appreciate prayer for my 34 yr old son, Lucas, who has strayed from God. Please God, bring him back to you.

    Another prayer is for a friend’s son, Landon. He is addicted to drugs, alcohol and has severed contact with his parents. Please help him contact his parents and go to rehab to get free from this horrible addiction.
    Thank you for your prayers and we are expecting a miracle.
    God bless you for your work!!


  11. Marie says:

    Thank you for the encouragement. I was looking for scripture for deliverance for my two sons 32 & 26. They have heroin addictions an the younger one is addicted to crack and marijuana also and nicotine. Their names are Kenny he is 32 & Tony is 26. I have been dealing with this almost 7 years. I’m praying, believing, declaring. I repent of any sins unbelief. I know God loves them more than I do we need a breakthrough. A miracle. I get weary. The younger on one he was a Christian. He knows about the Lord. He said he don’t want to surrender and mess up again. I know he’s believing the lies of the enemy. Please pray for them.


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