Passover, or Pesach begins tonight at sundown.

While most Christians celebrate the resurrection on Sunday the 24th this year, it’s important that Christians also realize that Passover is when our Lamb was slain.

On the biblical calendar this is Nisan 14. Which begins at sundown tonight. God’s day runs from sundown to sundown.

He, Jesus (Yeshua in Hebrew),  was in the grave 3 days, and rose again on Nisan 17, which is Thursday this year. Nisan 17 is a great date in the bible. It is the day Noah came up out of the ark (See the picture?). Many other things happened on that date to give us pictures of Messiah coming out of the grave.

So while I am not going to kill your sacred Sunday “easter” cow, and I hope you enjoy the day. (that word translated easter in some bibles is the word passover)  I am going to tell you that God’s calendar is important and that you can know the “Real day”.

So tonight, remember the Lamb that was slain for you.

And Thursday, gently whisper to the world, He is risen and rejoice!

Be blessed!


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5 Responses to Passover

  1. Edith Webster says:

    I remember each day that He was slain for me, that He rose again, and is coming back for me ———————————– I rejoice. I love Him.


  2. Tammy says:

    Amen! Glory to God! Without that resurrection — nothing!

    “So while I am not going to kill your sacred Sunday “easter” cow…”

    LOL, I thought for sure that was going to say “bunny” instead of “cow”!


  3. LOL I had to leave the bunny alone this year.


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