Morning Hope – May 9, 2011

Today’s bible readings:

  • 1 Samuel 23-24
  • Luke 21
  • Proverb 9
  • Psalm 62-63

While reading the passages in 1 Samuel we see David fleeing from Saul. Saul has been told things about David and seeks to kill him. Saul listens to spies, listens to those people who want something from Saul for the information, and Saul tracks David like a dog.

The amazing thing is David is always one step ahead of his enemy. Why? Because he checks with God. David doesn’t assume to know what he should do because of what the situation looks like. Often we rely on our own information, or knowledge to make decisions that affect our lives when we should be seeking God and what information He has for us.

David then finds himself in a cave with Saul asleep. Boy, how many of us would be all excited that God has put our enemy in our hand! Even those around David believed that this was the time to kill Saul. David does the surprising thing again, he only cuts the corner of the garment from Saul, and even regrets that! The worlds wisdom was far, far removed from God’s.

David then shouted to Saul and bowed before him and showed Saul the corner of the garment. Remember, this is his enemy, someone trying to kill him. David reminds Saul how much David loves him and how much Saul loves David.  He reminding Saul of this, while saying the other things Saul have heard about David are lies.
Saul’s heart seems to open up and he calls to David in tears and speaks words of love to David.

Saul goes back to his city, but notice something. David stays in the caves and wilderness.

Maybe David doesn’t trust Saul’s words quite yet.

From reading these chapters we can see that David isn’t going to trust a thing until he goes to God and finds out what to do next. So we can rest assured that David is going to do that very thing and this habit saves his life many times over. We need to have this habit about everything in our lives, from the little things like what route to drive to work, to the larger things.

There is danger all around us  now a days. We live in a very dangerous world. A world filled with things screaming at us to fear, screaming at us to die, screaming at us to do X, Y or Z.

It is never more important than today that you become familiar with daily time with God, that you learn to hear his quiet voice when things are screaming around you. He will guide you safely. He will keep you under his wings. Become familiar with Psalm 91 and know that you are in the safe place.

It is also important that you stay out of fear. It is important that you stay in faith. That you say in a place that is about believing God. Fear blocks God’s protection, fear blocks your ability to hear God when He tells you to do something. That something might save your life.

Worry has no place in this life led by God. Worry is sin, we are commanded by Jesus to not worry many times.

Take your concern to prayer, give it to the Father, leave it there. Cast your cares on Him for He cares for you.

When it comes back up in your face, or seems to be crushing your chest, refuse to take it back! Say something like “Oh no, that’s not my care anymore, I won’t waste anymore time on it”. Seek God’s face for what to do, if anything in that situation and then REST in Him.

In todays readings we also see two Psalms by David of praise and a Proverb of wisdom. This is a good lesson for us. When feeling pressured by fear, worry, or whatever else is on your shoulders today, cast your cares on Him, seek His wisdom and start praising God. David was being chased like a dog with someone trying to kill him. Yet, he took time to seek God’s wisdom. The same wisdom and victory in todays Proverb calls out to you and is available to you.

Be Blessed!


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