MAY 24, 2011 PRAYER ALERT – Billye Brim Ministries

We just received this via email so we are passing it on immediately.

The National Storm Center is predicting weather conditions this evening, Tuesday, May 24, similar to those in effect last Sunday which brought about the devastating Joplin tornado. Please join us is speaking to the weather to “calm down” and to dissipate. I grew up in Oklahoma and I’ve watched tornadoes lift up their deadly tails at the command of a believer.

Brother Kenneth E. Hagin taught us that praying about the weather is usually of no effect. For the weather was perfect before Adam sinned. Weather now is the result of the curse. Believers have restored authority over the curse. The prince of the power of the air and his effects in the realm of weather can be overcome. Let us overcome the entire storm system they tell us will form and move east by Friday. Let us do it for Joplin, for Missouri, for the entire region, for its predicted path, and most of all for the Glory of the Lord.

Of course, I know you are remembering in prayer the victims of the terrible tornados in a path from the south through Joplin and into Minneapolis.


Love in Him,

Billye Brim

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