Hope Notes – July 29, 2011- Grace much more abounds

Today’s reading from my “Sparkling Gems from the Greek” by Rick Renner dealt with Romans 5:20 where it says “where sin abounds grace much more abounds..” He discussed it’s meaning in the greek and some personal experience with this verse in his life and ministry.

While I meditated on this verse and what Pastor Renner taught, the Holy Spirit, as He is oft to do, showed me that in our nation today, the United States, sin definitely is much more abounding. It’s almost as if we have evil and good backwards in this country. As I further pondered it, He let me know that as sin abounds, or becomes more abundant, His grace is even MORE abundantly being poured out.

Are we praying for our leaders or just complaining about them?
Are we looking for ways that we can minister grace to others or ways to point out differences?
Are we pointing to sin or grace in our lives?
This does not mean we should be quiet about evil or wrong doing, but it means we must do what God says and only speak when He says about these things. Or we have fallen into the trap of idle words that are not helping God’s grace work in his country.

It is now that God is pouring out more of His grace on this country and He will make us always victorious in Christ Jesus!

Pray, pray and pray some more! God will tell you what He wants you to do today!

Be blessed!

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