Hope Notes – August 7, 2011 – Rick Renner Video

Rick Renner has fast become on of my favorite teachers of the Word. He is a Greek scholar (and author) and teaches the deeper meaning of the Scriptures through understanding the words of the Greek in the New Testament. Which sounds all “heavy” but he is very down to earth and easy to understand.

Just about every morning he shares a video clip on his Facebook page that is only a few minutes long, but is like manna from heaven! Today he shared on healing and it really blessed me, so I wanted to share the info.
Just because you don’t see manifestation of healing right away, doesn’t mean you aren’t healed!
You can find it at the link below. I’d also recommend you go to his Facebook page and click on like so you get his videos on your Facebook wall every day when he posts them!

What is the difference between a miracle and healing?

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