Something is changing…..9/22/2014

The beginning of this year (2014) the Lord led my BB (battle buddy), Tammy and I to begin reading and sharing together daily in the New Testament. We read 1 chapter a day and then we join each other in a group we created and share our notes, insights, questions when we had time during the day (mostly mornings). It has been more of a blessing than I ever would have imagined!!

God lead us to Rick Renner’s series on “7 things to keep you spiritually strong”. Tammy and I watched it when he taught at EMIC. This became part of our every day reading. Powerful, powerful, yet simple list to check daily and pray daily.

As we obeyed (that is the key!), God led us to continue that but to move to the next “place”.

This year, when KCM broadcast the Southwest Believers Conference they did something different. They broadcast the pre-service prayer times. They were amazing and the Lord told Tammy and I to watch them together after the convention was over. So we committed to 1 hour a day together in chat and listened together.
This was life changing for us….

(links to all these are to follow at the bottom)

We felt led to study more with Pastor Terri Pearsons on Prayer. And God led us to what was next. Please notice all the “we obey, He led”. Because we had no idea what He had put in place or how perfectly the pieces would fit together in each study, lifting us higher and higher into Him.

So we were then led to continue our one hour a day study/prayer time together by listening together to an entire series called “Understanding Spirit-Led prayer”..
This… there are no words for what this did to us, for us, with us, in us…. I think we can safely say this rocked our world.

We then listened to Pastor Paul Brady when he taught at EMIC. Amazing, amazing praying Pastor. Had we not been prepared with the previous teaching though, I am absolutely sure that while we would have been blessed we would not have gotten all that God had planned for us out of his teachings.

As we are continuing listening, obeying and doing, He has now led us to listen to a LA Spirit-Led Prayer conference from 2009 (the 2014 one is going on as I type this and is in the Queue as well :)).

As we finish this, we will listen to a study Pastor Terri did just finish on Wednesday nights on prayer, and then God willing, we will do this years prayer conference with Patsy Cameneti.

To write this all down, and truly see what the Lord is doing is breath-taking.

He has led me to put this on a blog for our benefit, but also so that you too can be blessed by doing this study process. Get with your battle buddy and commit to an hour a day together however the Lord leads. Sometimes it was 90 minutes, sometimes things happened that it was only 30 minutes, and sometimes we missed, but it’s all ok!!

Here are the links to the prayer studies done and planned so far (Some of the links are to part 1 and you will have to go to the previous page to find the rest. (Follow the dates on newer things, direct links may change pages as the most recent is always on page 1 until the year ends.)

7 Things to make you Spiritually Strong -KCM Staff Chapel 1/29/14 – Rick Renner

21 Day Challenge – 7 things

Southwest Believer’s Convention Pre-Service Prayer

Understanding Spirit-Led Prayer – Terri Pearsons (11 parts) DO NOT MISS THIS!!

Put on Love – Paul Brady at EMIC 8/06/14 7:15pm

Develop Love – Paul Brady at EMIC 8/13/14 7:15pm

The Love Connection – Paul Brady at EMIC 8/20/14 &:15pm

2009 LA Prayer Conference – Patsy Cameneti & Terri Pearsons 9/27-29/2009

Prayer is / Types of Prayer / Prayer, Music and the Move of God – Terri Pearsons 9/3,10,17/2014

2014 Spirit-Led Prayer Conference – 9/21/2014-9/23/2014

I Hear the Sound – Terri Pearsons 9/24/2014

And we look forward to what the Lord has planned next!!
Be Blessed!

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