New Bible Study/Reading Blog Posts! 7/26/2016

On Monday, we will be beginning, God willing, a new thing here at Christian Hope Today.

We will be sending you a daily email, Monday through Friday, of bible readings for that day.

This is a special Bible reading system that will help you overcome the most common barriers to daily Bible reading. Many Christians want to read the Bible through in a year but find that with most Bible reading schedules they get behind and can never catch up. So they quit. This plan is different. It defeats discouragement and falling behind by being extremely flexible. Each week contains only five readings, allowing you to miss a day, or catch up. Read both the Old and New Testament assignments for each day and complete the entire Bible in one year. Or, read the New Testament readings for each day and finish the New Testament in a year. Either way, with this plan you can reach your goal of studying the Bible each day. If you do miss a day and are unable to catch up, just let it go, you will catch it again next time! Be free! It is more important to get Word into your Spirit every day than come under condemnation, and this new series of blog posts aims to help you do that.

Each email will contain the list for the whole week, just in case email is slow or there is some problem with sending out the daily blog post.

We know we are starting late in the year, but begin it we shall!

There are readings for fifty weeks in a year, leaving the last two weeks of December to catch up.

We recommend that you try to read at a specific time each day, so that a regular habit of reading will be established. Also, many find it helpful to keep a notebook handy in which to jot down ideas, applications of scripture, questions for later study, items to pray for, etc. A notebook helps take time with the Word of God into the realm of serious study, rather than simple reading.


In this plan you will be reading the Bible in chronological order, as nearly as possible, because this greatly enhances comprehension. In the Old Testament this is not so difficult to arrange, with the exceptions of Job and Psalms. We have included the works of the prophets in their proper place in the historical narrative of God’s people, Israel. Duplicate accounts are often included in a single day’s reading. The Psalms have been inserted at scattered points throughout the year, with every effort made to place appropriate Psalms with passages that they seem to “fit.”

In the New Testament you will begin with Luke and Acts, followed by the epistles. The other Gospels will be periodically included so that you are constantly exposed to Jesus Christ, even as you read of His will for His church. Lastly, you will read the book of Revelation.

God’s blessings rest with those who will read, understand, and live by His Word. May this guide help you to that noble end.

“Thy word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path” (Psalms 119:105).

If you want to sign up to get these emails in your inbox be sure to follow this blog by entering your email in the upper right on the blog where it says email subscription.



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