Daily Hope – Week 31- Day 1


“Thy word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path” (Psalms 119:105).

Expect to hear from God today!

Week Thirty-One  – Day 1:

 Is. 12-15

Romans 12

divider thornsStudy points:

Isaiah 12-15

  •  In Isaiah, and other places in the Word, the phrases “the day of the Lord,” and “in that day” are often used. It has two sides, it describes the night of God’s judgment and the day light of His Salvation. It often points to in the end times or end of days.
  •  Isaiah has a lot of what prophetic scholars call “double fulfillment.” It will speak about times that came before or during Jesus’ time; it also refers to times that are yet to come in our day.
  •  Babylon is modern Iraq, Assyria is northern Iraq, and there is also a prophetic Babylon that the Bible speaks about in the end of days.
  • God has judged and will judge all nations that attacked, divided, and did not bless Israel. (Genesis 12:3)

Romans 12

  •  To recognize and know the will of God in your life, you need to have your mind renewed by the Word of God.
  •  Each of us has a measure of faith and a different role in the body of Christ.
  •  Verses 9-21 are measuring lines to how we treat other believers and how we treat the world. Use these measuring lines to stay out of strife and division in the world and in the body of Messiah. It’s a great idea to put them up somewhere you can read them at least once a day.

divider thorns

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Week Thirty-One
Day 1: Is. 12-15; Romans 12
Day 2: Is. 16-18; Romans 13
Day 3: Is. 19-22; Romans 14
Day 4: Is. 23-25; Romans 15
Day 5: Is. 26-29; Romans 16



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1 Response to Daily Hope – Week 31- Day 1

  1. Tammy says:

    Isaiah 14:2, though I know it is not referring to us as Christians, where it says Israel would “rule over their oppressors” made me think of how Jesus has given us power and authority over the enemy! 🙂

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