Daily Hope – Week 33 – Day 1


“Thy word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path” (Psalms 119:105).

Expect to hear from God today!

Week Thirty-Three – Day 1:

 Isaiah 36-37

Ephesians 6

Psalm 76

divider thornsStudy points:

Isaiah 36-37

  •  When God’s people line themselves up with His will, and trust in His power alone, they find Him faithful to keep His Word.
  • These two chapters prove that Isaiah’s previous prophecies are true. Judah was destroyed by Assyria, Jerusalem was besieged, a faithful remnant was delivered, and the Assyrians would be destroyed.
  • Isaiah’s words also proved correct that sin compounded with trust in anything else but God brings defeat, and repentance and faith in the Lord brings deliverance.

Ephesians 6

  •  There are many studies out there about the Armor of God. And there is much discussion of how to put it on and what it contains. The one thing that I do not see enough of is, “Don’t take it off.”
  • Stand Firm! This is a small phrase with a gigantic meaning in believers’ lives. It is the key to grabbing a hold of the victory that Jesus has won for us already. The only way to lose is to quit! Persistence, perseverance… DON’T QUIT, the Devil must flee! He has no choice.

Psalm 76

  • The God of the universe is more glorious and excellent! Nothing compares!

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Week Thirty-Three
1: Is. 36-37; Eph. 6; Ps. 76
2: 2 Kings 20; Is. 38-40; Phil. 1; Ps. 75
3: Is. 41-44; Phil. 2
4: Is. 45-48; Phil. 3
5: Is. 49-52; Phil. 4; Ps. 92

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