Listen up! The Scandal of the Election 2016

If I could make every believer sit down and read the blog I liked below.. and then make them read it again, I would come to every house and do that. But I can’t.

So I am doing this instead and hoping you will share it with every believer you know.

If you read nothing else about the election, read this.

After reading this I had some repenting to do myself!

The only thing I would add to this is that if you are making any decisions about this election on FEAR of what can/could/might happen, you are doing it wrong. Get with God and see what HE wants you to do. Not based on media reports, not based on what you feel, but what HE wants you to do. Then DO IT.

Click below to read:

The Scandal of the Election 2016 – Beth Moore


Be blessed, and God bless America.


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