Urgent Prayer Request from Billye Brim Ministries

We just received this prayer request.

The story of who this man is can be seen on the You Tube Connection below.

Long story short:
Pastor Umar was reared Muslim. Hated Jews, Israel, etc.
Became Christian. Read Bible. Saw this was not right.
Contacted Jerusalem Online U
(JOU was founded by Rabbi Shore–he makes the movies on terrorism, Irangate, etc;. Ilan Sharon is on the board. And Ilan is an online teacher.)
Umar found Jerusalem Online U and studied their course.
The You Tube connection below is his testimonial for them.
A while back, Umar rented a stadium to show JOU information in Uganda.
5000 people attended.
Pastor Umar led a group of pastors to protest the Ugandan Parliament from allowing
an Islamic court to operate in Uganda.
He scheduled an event around Christmas to receive the confession of 300 Muslims who wanted to convert to Christianity.
The day before the event he went to check the venue, sound, etc.
As he was leaving and getting into his car, two men ran up yelling “Pastor. Pastor.”
As he turned to them they threw acid in his face.
He contacted JOU to tell them he could not have another event he’d planned and why.
The story from there is of intrigue. His fleeing to India. And eventually getting to a hospital in Israel.
This story is one of the Hand of God upon Ilan Sharon to help and bless this pastor.
Praise be to God. And the honor that is due to our dear friend, Ilan, be to him.
Now he is in Israel.
There they have discovered the acid is still in his body.
We are sending an urgent email blog requesting prayer from WWP’s
Ilan has requested these two immediate prayer needs:
1. Acid, toxins to be removed from Umar’s body
2. Eye surgery (perhaps Sunday) to go well. Umar’s sight saved.
3. Prayer for Umar’s wife (with him in Israel)
And for six children, including 3-yr-old twins, left behind in Uganda.

Let’s pray for a MIRACLE!!!!!!!

Love in Him,
Billye Brim

Pastor’s Umar about his support of Israel and his endorsement of our Jerusalem Online University program (short video):

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  1. Esther Neha says:

    Prayer Request
    Jesse. Baby Evelyn. Esther


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