Hope Notes – January 12, 2012

“Back in the day” when the temple of the Most High was standing and sacrifices were being done, people would bring their sacrifices to the temple regularly. Some were for worship, some for sins, and some for the multitude of other reasons that are listed in the Word.

The priest would then have to inspect the sacrifice to see if it was the correct one and to check and make sure it was perfect, without injury, or blemish. Only then could it be accepted.

The priest did not check the worshiper, he checked the sacrifice.

Today, when you come to the throne of God, no one checks you to see if you are perfect. Only your sacrifice is checked. And I promise you, He, Yeshua/Jesus is perfect in every way!

Ponder that… No one is checking you, only your sacrifice….

Be blessed!

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1 Response to Hope Notes – January 12, 2012

  1. Glory to God!

    That’s awesome!


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