Unity in the Body

Now take a deep breath and tell your flesh to hush and listen, this is important. I love you!

Recently some evangelical leaders met with the Pope. At first I was a little unnerved myself, having heard for years about how “the Vatican is involved in end times events” and not in a good way.
But I did as we all should do. I took it to the Father in prayer. The Holy Spirit is quite able to speak to each born-again, spirit-filled believer, so I encourage you to do the same. Test things, is this Love? Is this strife? Is this flesh or spirit?

Don’t let mainstream media decide, (so much of what they report is twisted and outright false about all leaders in the churches.) Let the Word decide.

As I prayed, and sought the Lord about this situation and what was the truth, I saw much wailing and gnashing of teeth about “one world religion” , “false prophets” and the like on the comments and internet about this event.

Today as I was praying I heard very clearly in my Spirit this statement, “The coming one world religion is *not* believers in Jesus.”… That sat me up straight. I got total peace. Not full understanding yet, I am still praying and watching and listening. But peace came with that one statement from Him.

God loves you as much as He loves Jesus.. and He loves them as much as He loves Jesus. Let love reign.

Are all people in all church buildings believers? Nope. Doesn’t change the way I treat them. I must love them.

We need to be very careful listening to what the media says about Popes, other Christian leaders etc, since a lot of what I’ve read and seen on the internet hasn’t been true for many years. I am not interested in strife, the Word is very clear about where there is strife there is confusion and every evil work.

The Lord has been talking to us for several years now about stopping judging other believers. (it is not our job) and learning to walk in love. If it involves strife, or attacking others instead of loving them that is not what I am to be doing. We are quick to point out disagreements, and not nearly quick enough to point out “the one faith in Jesus Christ”.. When HE is the focus, then I pay attention

When we spend our time as Christians pointing out “Errors” in other Christians we are doing the work of the devil. He is the accuser of the brethren. I had to repent of it myself some years ago. Our flesh loves to put ourselves above others and think “we’re right and they are wrong”. The Word is the bottom line, not what the mainstream media says.
I encourage you to read the 4-part study that we did here on this blog on division in the body if you’ve not done so yet. Part one is found here: http://christianhopetoday.org/2012/03/16/division-part-1/

Unity of the Faith is not the same as Unity of doctrines. We are coming into the Unity of the Faith.

Watch the following video in full. Pray.. and listen… I am not saying that we all agree on everything, I am saying we agree on Faith in Jesus as the only way to salvation and that God can handle the rest. If we think we have it all right and know all the answers and have nothing “wrong” in our doctrines we need to just stop right there and repent. We know in part, the Word tells us that.


I also encourage you to go to the link below and listen to both of Keith Moore’s teaching on Unity. It is what I believe the Holy Spirit is screaming to the body at this moment in time. Will we listen? I AM LISTENING, LORD!!


We are praying for you!!


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  1. Tammy S. says:

    I am listening too, Lord!!


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