Prayer request from Billye Brim

Received this via email and I feel it is very important, so I am sharing it here.

Billye Brim Blog
The Parsonage
April 18, 2016
During Sunday prayer yesterday, as we prayed in the Spirit, I found myself saying “Friday. Friday” Today we received something from a person of the Spirit of God.
So, without going into all the details.
That day is Erev Pesach, or the night of the Seder meal as Pesach begins.
The indication of the alert is that Islamic militants have evil plans for that date.
You know what to do.
You know to use your authority in your area.
You know to use Hebrews 4:13
13 Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight: but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do.
You know to pray in the Spirit and let God use you.
I declare that these evil plans will come to naught.
Thank you, WWP’s, and all who will take up this assignment.
Love in Him,
Billye Brim
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6 Responses to Prayer request from Billye Brim

  1. Marivic L. Rosales says:

    Thank you so much, i really really need this prayers and scriptures right now . God bless you more and more and your household.Please include me and my son Angelo in your prayers.


  2. Seriano and Rosette Bakyenga says:

    Please pray for us total breakthrough in finances and ministry in this season.Church,favor and prosperity.we Pastors in Ishaka Uganda East Africa.Thank you.


  3. Sophia WH Chong says:

    Pray that I can find a well paid job n settle in for good on the new job. That I do not need to worry about job in future and the supply and comfort is always there, promotion n favour is on my job.

    Pray my mum will get use to the old folks home and she will put on weight , sleep well and the residents and staff will all treat her well!


  4. Sophia WH Chong says:

    Pls pray for Jap Chong’s liver n Sophia Chong throat cysts n nodules thyroid patient


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