The world needs your prayers more than it needs your opinions.

As some of you know the blue line is very personal to me.
I refuse to walk in fear, I know my son is where he is supposed to be, directly in God’s will, hidden in the secret place of the Most High.
Fear will just cause a door to be open to harm and destruction. So I stand against it with everything I’ve got and won’t give it an inch.

Some police officers are steeped in and attacked by fear because of stuff around them happening and it is causing them to react quickly and badly in situations and bring harm to others. It is a horrible thing. I make no excuse for their behavior, but I know most of them are not this way. I also know the peace officers protecting the protesters last night when they were gunned down were not this way.

We *must* pray for our police officers and against the spirit of fear that attacks them daily on their jobs.

I get the protests and their right to them but I really feel it is important that people realize that this wasn’t the protesters that killed 5 cops last night in Dallas. This was sniper thugs up on the roofs while the cops tried to protect the protesters. That to me is not revenge. These criminals ruined what the protesters were trying to accomplish.

Our battle is not with flesh and blood, we must stand against this wicked spirits of murder, division and other horrible things having their way in this country. And may justice be served now and when they stand before the only Judge that matters later.

The world needs your prayers more than it needs your opinions.


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