Unity in the Body of Messiah

Schisms in the body of Messiah…These should not be.
Every group thinks they have the “right way.”
Every group thinks they have some amazing revelation that the rest of us need to do RIGHT NOW or we are WRONG.
Every group thinks the other groups are wrong and probably not really Christian because they aren’t doing it our way.
Here is the revelation……
We are all right in some form or fashion. And we are all wrong in some form or fashion.
The body of Messiah was supposed to be many parts doing their own specialties, jobs, and focuses. ALL TOGETHER, teaching each other, listening to each other, growing together. ONE FAITH in Messiah.
But us, in our wonderful humanness decided that we have to one-up each other, and spend way too much time going around pointing out everyone else’s errors.
Accusers of the brethren, hmm that’s another name for Satan.
The good news is that Messiah is coming for ONE glorious church, without spot or blemish, in unity and He will somehow get this together before He comes again.
Read Ephesians πŸ™‚ and then read it again…and again….
We all *do* have revelations the others need, and we aren’t going to get those revelations by pointing fingers and telling them they are doing it wrong.
We are going to get those revelations by listening.. shutting up and listening to each other.
This is not about unity of doctrines. This is about unity of Faith.

Read some past blog posts that have a lot to add to this.

The Holy Spirit is teaching us more and more on this every year. We are listening!!

Be blessed,


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