Daily Hope – Week 37 – Day 1


“Thy word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path” (Psalms 119:105).

Expect to hear from God today!

Week Thirty-SevenDay 1:

Jeremiah 21-22; 2 Kings 24

Titus 2

Psalm 112

divider thornsStudy points:

Jeremiah 21-22; 2 Kings 24

  • Jeremiah’s prophecies happened exactly as he said they would.
  • Babylon destroyed the temple and carried away the temple riches to a foreign land.

Titus 2

  • The importance in our society today of women teaching other women is often ignored.  Or is thought of as some cute Bible study coffee hour. It is extremely important that women minister to other women and lift them up. NOT to have pity parties together, spending hours bashing their husbands or parents, but to be strong with each other.  We must listen to the Holy Spirit to know when and what to speak to women in our sphere of influence.
  • Throw another woman the “rope” of the word and pull her up. It is dirty work, you will get scraped-up hands and knees as you pull, and she will too as she is pulled!  But PULL them up, do not wallow! God has higher things planned!!
  • In saying how important women ministering to women is, it is equally important that we CHOOSE to not be offended when someone seems to correct us, or points us away from the problem and to the Word. Your flesh won’t like it, but your spirit will!

Psalm 112

  • The blessings of the Lord to those that love Him and obey are greater than our minds can comprehend!

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Week Thirty-Seven
Day 1: Jer. 21-22; 2 Kings 24; Titus 2; Ps. 112
Day 2: Jer. 23, 25, 26; Titus 3
Day 3: Jer. 35, 36, 45, 46; Jude
Day 4: Jer. 47, 48, 49; Philemon; Ps. 105
Day 5: Jer. 21, 24, 27; Hebrews 1; Ps. 67, 118



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